A Page-Turning Thriller!

Michael Knight is a small town kid with a dream. He wants to become his own man; not just who the world expects him to be. He desires to strike out on his own. He yearns to play with the big boys. 


Michael soon discovers that big boys play for keeps...


Enter The Runner, a fast-paced, legal thriller that you will not be able to put down. Packed with action, suspense and a powerful message of spiritual redemption, The Runner will leave you craving for more.

The Disciple

Book Two in the Michael Knight series is finally here! Pick up the action right where you left off with The Disciple.


How does Michael handle the setbacks that seemed to have derailed his dream? Will he forgive himself? Will Diego-Vega seek revenge? Will Ramon ever find peace with himself and with the world? All of these questions and more are answered in this bold follow up to Book One.


Preorder Now  by clicking the image or the blue button! 

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How To Know God's Vision For Your  Life

It's the biggest question ever. Is it possible to know God's vision for your life? Can you really discover your purpose on the Earth? Wayne answers this question with a resounding: YES!


You were made by God with purpose and for a purpose. Follow Wayne's four-part guide to help you discover what it is and how to live it out. No need to wonder anymore. It's time to step into your destiny!

You may explore the themes in this book by joining our 5-week Mentoring Circle where we will delve deeply into discovering and doing God's special purposes for our lives. Click the button below for more information and to sign up. Classes begin on

September 22, 2020, so sign-up soon! You will not be able to register once the class begins. 


Get Wayne's best advice for those looking to start or grow a company or a nonprofit organization. Just click the image to purchase the product or to download your free sample. 

This Business of Supplier Diversity

Learn the rules of the road and how to connect with corporate buyers for your services.

You will also learn how to grow a sustainable business and set yourself apart from your competition!


A complete section dedicated to corporate diversity executives looking to do business with minority-owned companies!

"Outstanding work!"

Gerry Fernandez, President 

Multicultural Food Service & Hospitality Alliance

Non-Profit In a Box

It only takes one to be the first to cry out against injustice;

Just one required to begin the hard work needed to better our communities;


It's rarely the majority who  shows up to shelter the poor or even animals ... It usually starts with- one.

When you're ready to start your nonprofit organization to address your cause, charity or ministry, please grab a copy of Nonprofit In a Box. You'll be glad you did.

In a simple, easy to follow layout, Wayne walks you through the ins and outs of starting and growing a nonprofit organization.


You were called for a time like this. Now go be the ONE! 


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