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  The Runner.

A Page-Turning Thriller!

Michael Knight is a small town kid with a dream. He wants to become his own man; not just who the world expects him to be. He desires to strike out on his own. He yearns to play with the big boys. 


Michael soon discovers that big boys play for keeps...


Enter The Runner, a fast-paced, legal thriller that you will not be able to put down. Packed with action, suspense and a powerful message of spiritual redemption, The Runner will leave you craving for more.

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Hot Off  The Press!

It's the biggest question ever. Is it possible to know God's vision for your life? Can you really discover your purpose on the Earth? 


Wayne answers this question with a resounding: YES!


You were made by God with purpose and for a purpose. Follow Wayne's four-part guide to help you discover what it is and how to live it out. No need to wonder anymore. It's time to step into your destiny!

The eBook now available for sale on Amazon! You will be able to consume this entire eBook in one hour or less. It's designed to be a quick read! Click the button below order your copy, and perhaps get one for a friend!

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In this short and powerful eBook, Wayne reveals how you can take back your life from stress in seven practical and actionable steps.


By simply following the advice in the first chapter, alone, you will begin to experience the nearness of God and the healing that naturally flows from His presence.

Discover how practices such as getting proper rest and tuning into your life’s purpose insulate you from your daily stressors.

Gain insight into biblical and scientific research that substantiates the power of biblical meditation, laughter, and physical exercise to free you from the negative effects of stress.

You will grasp that your life can be joyful and abundant, both in and out of stressful times. Grab your copy by clicking the button below!