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About The Ministry

Gill Family Ministries, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, charitable corporation. The purpose of the ministry is to communicate the Good News of Jesus Christ so that you may apply it to your daily life and reap the benefits of an abundant life. Our goal is that you would then pass on the joy!

Therefore, the site is packed with inspirational messages, books, ebooks, devotionals, and links to aid you in your spiritual growth. 

You are a spirit who has a soul (or mind) and who lives in a body. You are not a random combination of DNA, nor are you evolved from some lower form of life. You are a unique and special creation, made in God's image, with gifts, talents and a purpose to fulfill in your lifetime. 


The key to a joyful life is taking the time to discover God's purpose for you and then doing it! Someone once said that your gifts and talents are God's gifts to you. Cultivating and sharing them with others is your gift to God. Our purpose is to help you discover and do your purpose. 


A great place to start is with our  GOD'S VISION MENTORING CIRCLE. Enrollment for this year's class is now closed, but PLEASE CONTACT US HERE to get on the Waiting List for the next program. This class is a 5-week exploration of how God reveals His vision for our lives! Or perhaps you can follow along with our Book of john series by CLICKING HERE. Whatever you do, it's time to take your life to the next level. I'm so glad you've invited us along!






As for our story, we've been partners in life for 34 years, and equal partners in business and ministry for almost as long. Our journey is probably somewhat similar to yours. We were led back to church in our late twenties when our son was born prematurely and had to be hospitalized. We didn't know much about Bible study, teaching, or even prayer then, but we sensed that we needed God.  

We stumbled into a church not far from where we lived and in time, God began to slowly unveil His plan for our lives. It began with taking a few baby steps, connecting with people stronger in the faith, and learning how to let God in. In what took years, but now seems like a heartbeat, God changed us from the inside out. 

He led us to start and grow a successful law firm and a community ministry that fed and empowered the poor. We planted a mission church and worked with many other churches and ministries, preaching and teaching the Gospel, training leaders, and offering legal counsel. We wrote several books and Bible studies while raising two children and mentoring thousands personally and across our social media platforms.

For those of you who run churches, ministries, nonprofits, or businesses, or who are interested in developing your personal or organizational leadership skills, you may engage with us at WWW.SHARONGILL.COM where we offer several business and personal leadership development programs. 


We say all of that, not to claim some sort of greatness, but to demonstrate God's greatness. If God would choose to do so much through two people who once had no idea what they were doing, He is sure to do more than you can ever imagine in your own life.  

About Wayne & Sharon  


And that is our hope for your visit to this site--that wherever you are in your life, we will help you to kindle an even deeper connection with God. You may have no connection with God at all. We pray this will be your start!


But we won't leave it to prayer alone. That's why our message and ministry is spiritual, but also practical. In other words, our goal is for you to put the wisdom of God to practice in every area of your life--your relationships, career, business, goals and dreams, money, health, or whatever is important to you. 

There are lots of places to find wisdom in the world, but all of it originates from God, whether people chose to acknowledge Him or not. Why not START with the source? 


We've been professionally recognized by many and we've received more awards than we care to list here. A few of them are at the bottom of this page. We appreciate the accolades, but life is not about awards that hang on walls or that sit in trophy cases. Life is about giving back. It's about leaving the world a better place than how you found it. 

The clip at the top of this page was taken at an event put on by our community ministry. For 17 years, it provided hope and healing for families that landed in a hard place and needed love and support to get going again. These are two of the biggest hallmarks of success in our opinion: building a life with your family and serving others with your God-given gifts, talents, and abilities.


That is our message to you. We pray this site will help you create, enhance, or expand a God-given vision of your own! 



In a thirty-year career in business, law and public service, we've been fortunate to have received numerous awards and recognition. I list a few here for your reference:


Awarded to an individual who demonstrates commitment and effectiveness in advocating for small and minority-owned businesses. 


For excellence in entrepreneurship and humanitarian contribution.


Selected for national campaign highlighting successful African-American entrepreneurs. 


Featured in Fortune Online Magazine in a story about entrepreneurs who were inspired by their grandparents. Based on Wayne's first book, Tales My Grandma Told Me. 

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