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The Five D's of Getting Things Done (Part One - Desire!)

There are five things needed to get things done. You may skip any one of these steps and still succeed, but my guess is that it will be fleeting. In order to fully maximize your potential for any goal, project or even your life overall, you should practice all five. I'll list them here, but I'll cover each in a single post. The steps are:






This post will focus on Desire. Have you ever tried to accomplish a goal that you didn't care about? Or, have you ever tried to get someone to accomplish a task that they didn't want to do? We all have, and we all know that's a recipe for frustration.

The issue is desire. In order to get things done there must be an internal drive toward the goal. No one can give this to you. It must flow from your inner core. It's one of the key indicators of whether you're on the right path. If there's no natural, forward pull toward a vision then it's time to question whether you're on the right path. In this way, desire is your friend. It won't get you all the way home, but it will point to your True North.

To get things done and to achieve happiness in life, pay attention to your desires. What do you want to do? What gets you fired up? What do you volunteer to do? Whatever that is, you should invest your time and energy there. On the other hand, if you're engaging in things that you don't care about on a deep level, it's time to stop.

When I bring up this idea to people, some tell me that they struggle with desire. They're not passionate about anything. If that's you, I have four suggestions that may help to fan your flame.

1. Get alone. Turn off the world for a period of time. We live in a noisy culture filled with distractions. Tune it out and tune in to you. Jot your thoughts down. The mind will amaze when we quiet it down.

2. Change your environment. Get away for a day or two. Go hang out in a new place and make some new friends. Breaking a rut will spark creative energy. It may trigger fresh insight.

3. Get around purpose-driven people. Find people who are actually going after their desires and achieving them. Their stories will help you to do the same.

4. Read. Reading magically opens worlds. Read things from multiple genres. Inspiration hides out in weird places.

Do these things to spark your desire. Getting things done begins with that key. Consider anyone you admire in business, the arts, entertainment, public life and so on. Beneath the surface you will find a heart burning with desire for their mission. You can too.

Thanks for reading my post. I'm an attorney and Christian minister. I'm also a #keynote #speaker and an author. I write about business, life and faith, focusing on how to know God's vision for your life so that you may fulfill your purpose. You may connect further with me here or by clicking below!

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In that Mentoring Circle, Sharon and I will lead a 5-week online discussion about how you can explore, identify, and then fulfill God's vision for your life.

It is bound to be an eye-opening journey of personal exploration and satisfaction.

See you in the Circle!

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Wayne and Sharon

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