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Two Are Better Than One

"Two are better than one, ... Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken." Ecclesiastes 4:9(a), 12

I believe in quiet times of reflection—those moments when you withdraw from the world and listen to your own heartbeat. This has been a source of refreshment and profound insight in my life. I recommend that you regularly set aside time to be alone in prayer and meditation; or just silence.

As good as these moments are, they aren't my best moments. Those are reserved for the times that I've spent with others. It's the family vacation, or afternoon spent with a good friend. It's the joy that came from working with a team on a meaningful project—that special, intangible blessing of being in good company.

Two are better than one. Three is even better.

There's the enduring myth of the "self-made" man. No one is self-made. Whatever your definition of making it may be, no one does it alone. Drill down to the core of each success, you will find a mentor, a coach, a spouse, a friend or a teammate who was instrumental in the outcome.

That's how we're wired as humans: for interdependence. We need each other. Years ago when I started my business, I had little in the way of resources. I had strong desire, but no friends in high places, money or even leads.

I reached out to some friends and they gave me my start. One friend referred my first client to me. Another hired me as counsel over their business and allowed me to launch my law firm from their home office.

The story is sometimes told that I began my business journey as a solo-operator. That's true to an extent. I didn't have partners or even employees at the start. To look at me then, you would conclude that I was alone—one man trying to get a venture off the ground.

Behind the scenes were a bunch of unseen partners who lifted me. This post is a tribute to them. It's a thank-you to my wife, Sharon, who encouraged me to take flight and not look back. I also honor her mom, Lilieth, who ardently pushed me to believe in myself. Pastor (then attorney) Russell Silverglate who sent me that first client.

Two are better than one. Three is even better

It goes out to my spiritual father, Truman, who encouraged me to trust God, and my friend Jerry Cottone, who said I could not fail. It was Jack Levine and Mark Alfieri who gave me a shot as their General Counsel. Yasmin Ingram, who lent me the money to join a marketing list, and donated her time in the beginning. My children who slept on the floor of the business at times, while me and their mother plugged away into the night.

It was all of you and the unseen Hand of God that guided my steps and still guides me today. It was the times of prayer when things got rough; when we had to remind ourselves that a three-fold cord of supplication is not easily broken.

Some of you are alone by choice. There is some hurt or misunderstanding that separates you from a loved one or friend. A childhood grudge that you haven't forgiven. Let me encourage you to make the first move—to pick up the phone and call or to find a creative way to reconcile.

In the end, we only have each other. At your final hour, all of the petty hurts and skirmishes won't really matter. Your only desires will be peace and the presence of your loved ones. You can have that now.

Wishing you peace, love and friendship on this beautiful day.


Thanks for reading my post. I'm an attorney and Christian minister. I'm also a #keynote #speaker and an author. I write about business, life and faith, focusing on how to know God's vision for your life so that you may fulfill your purpose. You may connect further with me here or by clicking below!

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Wayne and Sharon

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