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Life Always Punches Back

Sometimes Life Punches Back

When I was a youngster I fancied becoming a boxer. I lived down the street from a trainer who agreed to train me and my buddy, Kevin in the Sweet Science. This was like a dream come true. Our trainer had boxing gloves, headgear, all of the cool lingo.

I remember suiting up and dancing around the ring. I threw some air punches. I bobbed. I weaved. I was terrific at fighting the air. Our match started and for the first 30 seconds of my fight, I was like Sugar Ray Leonard. I easily dodged Kevin's best shots while peppering him with my own.

Then something happened.

I got hit. Hard. Right upside the head, as we used to say back in the day. I remember having three immediate and simultaneous thoughts:

(1) That really hurt! In fact, that could do permanent damage to me;

(2) Oh yeah; I forgot the other guy gets to hit back; and

(3) I quit!

All of these thoughts occurred in probably a fraction of a second, but they were nonetheless powerful. In a matter of minutes, my boxing career was over. Well, what does that have to do with you?

It's simple.

At the start of most projects, we punch it right in the mouth. We set challenging goals, perhaps backed up by a system, a schedule and even some human accountability to keep us on track. As the boxing match begins (to stick with my opening imagery) we find that we're winning and our project is slumped over, and sucking wind in the corner.

Halfway through the match something happens. The project catches its breath and punches you right back! You emerge with similar reactions to mine: pain and the swift realization that the other guy can counter-punch hard and fast. The third reaction, however, (quitting) is not an option.

So what do you do?

You wipe the blood from your mouth and you fight on. That's a metaphor for life.

Allow me to run this analogy through the lens of some goals I've set for myself. Here's a recent "tale of the tape" from one of my journals:

Goal #1: Getting up every day at 5:am - Life kept me on the ropes for most of the week.

Goal #2: Daily exercise - I floated like a butterfly, and stung like a bee.

Goal #3: Attack one Big Project for the month - I took some vicious body shots on this one.

Goal #4: Execute a regimented writing schedule - I gave Life a nasty cut over the left eye.

Goal#5: Read one book per week - Life took my knees out from under me.

Goal#6: Daily Quiet Time and Meditation - I battled Life to a draw.

Goal#7: Strengthen my social networking - I put Life on the mat for a 10-count.

The battle rages on. We each took some shots. Who's winning? I am! Yes, Life punched me back, but I delivered some bruises of my own. The biggest win of all is the fact that I'm making goals and keeping myself accountable to accomplish them.

My eyes are glued to the prize!

As I sit here writing this post, it feels good to know that I'm either right on track to becoming my best self or I'm still throwing punches. By journaling the process, my life is laid bare in front of me; it's not just slipping by in a fog.

Now it's your turn. What goals or projects do you have in front of you? How will you accomplish them, or avoid a TKO when Life knocks you down? How will you get up and start fighting again?

My suggestion is to (1) write them down. Nothing will crystallize your goals more than writing them down (2) keep it simple. Don't overwhelm yourself. You'll just give up. Take a look at mine above (3) connect with some like-minded people who are also trying to achieve things. You are positively or negatively influenced by your closest associations. Upgrade your associations in order to upgrade your life.

Drop me a line and tell me how you're doing. I'd love to help you on your journey. Consider me your corner-man.

Blessings, Wayne

Thanks for reading my post. I'm an attorney and Christian minister. I'm also a #keynote #speaker and an author. I write about business, life and faith, focusing on how to know God's vision for your life so that you may fulfill your purpose. You may connect further with me here or by clicking below!

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In that Mentoring Circle, Sharon and I will lead a 5-week online discussion about how you can explore, identify, and then fulfill God's vision for your life.

It is bound to be an eye-opening journey of personal exploration and satisfaction.

See you in the Circle!

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Wayne and Sharon

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